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About Freiburg

Local Attractions


In Freiburg

attractions_pic1.jpg Münster (
Freiburg's townscape is dominated by its marvelous Münster, begun in 1200 and now surrounded by the city's bustling market square. The Münster is the monster of all minsters, a red-sandstone giant that looms above the half-timbered façades framing the square. It's riot of punctured spires and gargoyles.

The main portal is adorned with sculptures depicting scenes from the Old and New Testaments - spy allegorical figures such as Voluptuousness (the one with snakes on her back) and Satan himself. Nearby are medieval wall markings used to ensure that merchandise (eg loaves of bread) were of the requisite size.

Square at the base, the sturdy tower becomes an octagon higher up and is crowned by a filigreed 116m-high spire. Ascend the tower for an excellent view of the church's intricate construction; on clear days you can spy the Vosges Mountains in France.

Inside the Münster, the kaleidoscopic stained-glass windows dazzle. Many were financed by various guilds - in the bottom panels look for a pretzel, scissors and other symbols of medieval trades. The high altar features a masterful triptych of the coronation of the Virgin Mary by Hans Baldung, best viewed on a guided tour. Admission to the tower is €1.50 for adults and €1 for students.

Bächle (ächle)
Walking around Freiburg, keep an eye out for the Bächle, the permanently flowing rivulets that run along many footpaths. Originally part of an elaborate system to deliver nonpotable water, these literal 'tourist traps' now provide welcome relief for hot feet on sweltering summer days. It's said that if you fall into one you'll marry a Freiburger or a Freiburgerin.

Surrounding Area

Mundenhof (
In the past, the Mundenhof estate was one of the state's largest agricultural undertakings with field crops, milk production and livestock breeding. A recreation area has developed here over the last century with many special features and close connections between agriculture, animal enclosures and nature education: with 38 hectares, the Mundenhof is the largest zoo in Baden-Württemberg. Domestic and working animal species from all over the world live in the generously proportioned paddocks. In addition, agriculture on about 180 hectares continues to ensure an ecologically sustainable circulatory system. And there is also the KonTiKi (Kontakt Tier-Kind, animal-child contact) nature education project, enabling children to have direct contact with the animals, nature and the environment. Admission is free.

Europapark (
More than 100 attractions and fantastic shows, 11 rollercoasters and 13 European themed areas will exceed your wildest expectations. Enjoy these special moments with family or friends and take time off from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Europa-Park, which is set in a delightful and culturally rich region near the borders of Germany, France and Switzerland - easily accessible from Basle, Strasbourg and Freiburg - is the largest seasonal theme park in the world. It is a genuine crowd puller attracting over 4 million visitors a year to Rust and its restful and beautiful surroundings.

attractions_pic2.jpg The Black Forest (

The holiday region of the Black Forest, which expands between Basel and Karlsruhe, the Rhine and Nagoldtal, covers an area of a good 11,400 square kilometres. A varied landscape is one of the region's strong points. There are more than 70 peaks over 1000 metres, clear mountain lakes, gently rolling valleys, gorges, wide valleys, vineyards on the western perimeter, and hilly landscapes in the East. This is the ideal place for extensive walks. Breathe in the aromatic forest and mountain air or take a relaxing bike ride through fields and vineyards, or, if you dare, ride your bike onto the Black Forest mountain peaks.

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