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Track Philosophy

Plenary Speakers

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An Track-Centered View to the MicroTAS 2013 Program

We divided all the oral presentations into three color-coded "tracks". Each track can be regarded as a broad thematic area so that the attendee has the option to navigate in an Track-Centered view through the conference program.

Orange Track 1: Micro- and Nanoengineering consists of oral presentations that focus on technology development. The Yellow Track comprises a total of 9 sessions (in this order in the Program Schedule): Tools for Single-Molecule Manipulation; Single Molecule Characterization; Particle Processing; Fiber and Particle Manufacturing; Flow Control; Electrokinetic Transport; Particle Manufacturing and Encoding; Droplets & Plugs; and Micromixers, and Gradient Generators.

Blue Track 2: MicroTAS for Biotechnology is focused on devices that have a clear "sales pitch" in biotechnology but did not include clinical data (yet). In the Blue Track you can find the following 12 sessions: Chemical and Electrochemical Sensing; Cell Separation and Capture; Biomolecular Detection (1 and 2); Electrochemical Detection and Imaging; Immunoassays; Protein Processing and Analysis (1 and 2); Single Cell Processing and Analysis (1 and 2); Nucleic Acid Processing; and Molecular Separation.

Green Track 3: (MicroTAS for Biomedicine and Clinical Applications) sessions focus on devices that include biological or clinical data, including point-of-care devices. In the Green Track you will find 11 sessions: Circulating Tumor Cells; Screening Platforms; Point-of-Care Immunodiagnostics (1 and 2); Point-of-Care Nucleic Acid Analysis; Blood Processing; Point-of-Care Bacterial Detection; Tools for Cancer Analysis; Neurobiology; Cell Biology; and Tissue Engineering.

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