microTAS2005 Boston
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Program at a Glance

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Invited Speakers:
Michel Bornens (Institut Curie, France)
"Controlling Internal Organization and the Division Axis of Cultured Cells by Adhesive Micropatterns"

Ulf Landegren (Uppsala University, Sweden)
"Tools to Study Individual Genes and Proteins"

Robert S. Langer (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
"Miniaturized Systems for Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering"

Hiroyuki Noji (Osaka University, Japan)
"Femto Litter Reaction Chamber for Single-molecule Studies of Biological Reaction"

Mitsuhiko Shionoya (University of Tokyo, Japan)
"Bio-inspired Metal Arrays and Metal-mediated Molecular Motions - Artificial Metallo-DNA and Peptides, Molecular Ball Bearings and Containers"

George M. Whitesides (Harvard University, USA)
"Microfabrication, Microfluidics, and Biomedicine: New Tools and New Opportunities"


   1.1 Fluid Manipulation
   1.2 Fluid Mechanics and Modeling
   1.3 Multi Phase Fluidics
   1.4 World-to-Chip Interfacing
   1.5 Others

   2.1 MEMS
   2.2 Micromachining
   2.3 Polymer Technology
   2.4 Others

   3.1 Nanobiotechnology
   3.2 Nanofluidics
   3.3 Nanoengineering
   3.4 Others

Materials & Surfaces
   4.1 Surface Modification
   4.2 Nanostructured Materials
   4.3 Interface Characterization
   4.4 Others

   5.1 Genomics and Proteomics
   5.2 Clinical Diagnostics
   5.3 Microarrays
   5.4 Separation Science
   5.5 Cell Handling and Analysis
   5.6 Chemical Synthesis
   5.7 Drug Discovery
   5.8 Environmental
   5.9 Others

Detection Technologies
   6.1 Optical
   6.2 Electrochemical
   6.3 Mass Spectrometry
   6.4 Others

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