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Dear Company Representative:

MicroTAS 2011 will be held in the USA. This is an ONLY every three year opportunity which you will not want to miss. We would like to invite you to participate as a supporter and/or exhibitor at the 15th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences (μTAS 2011). The Conference will be held October 2-6, 2011 at the Washington State Convention Center, in Seattle, Washington, USA. You will NOT want to miss the opportunity to get your product and services in front of the current and future consumers in the industry.

The μTAS 2011 Conference is a premier international forum for reporting advances in microfluidic systems, nanotechnology, and chemical and biological analysis, synthesis, and detection methods for chemistry and the life sciences. The Conference alternates between the European, Asian and North American continents and has hosted attendees from over 33 countries. These international research scientists and engineers presented more than 600 oral and poster papers during the sessions. The Conference continues to grow and we anticipate that μTAS 2011 will see an increase in attendance well over 1,000 attendees. As an exhibitor, advertiser, or contributor, you will find this Conference gives your company unique opportunities for placing your business in front of this global professional community.

μTAS 2011 in Seattle, Washington offers a rare opportunity to meet and network with a high quality audience in the professional atmosphere of a focused International Technical Conference. The breadth and depth of research topics combined with the quality of invited and contributed technical presentations makes this Conference a premier event for all professionals in the industry which then makes it a 'must attend' Conference for your company. You will find short term (generated sales) and long-term (customer relationships) benefits by attending and supporting MicroTAS 2011.

There are a myriad of opportunities for your company to be involved in μTAS 2011: as an Exhibitor during the Conference; as a Contributor of the Conference with an option to support specific events during the Conference; or as a Host to a special applications seminar of your technology during a lunch break or late afternoon immediately following the day's final session. Several companies have found hosting an event to be an effective means to connect with potential customers. You will find the application form for the Exhibitor and Contributor options enclosed. If you are interested in hosting an event or have any questions on how to be involved with μTAS 2011, please contact us at info@microtas2011.org. The μTAS 2011 Conference attracts technology leaders by offering a top quality technical program of the current state-of-the-art papers combined with networking opportunities. This is a great opportunity for your organization to participate in an activity that will showcase your organization's technical expertise. We are looking forward to another successful Conference at μTAS 2011 in October in Seattle, Washington and we hope that your company will seriously consider participating.

MicroTAS 2011 Commercial Development Executive Committee

James P. Landers, University of Virginia, USA
Conference Chair

Susan Barker
Vice Chair, Commercial Exhibits

Yolanda Fintschenko, LabSmith, USA
Vice Chair, Commercial Exhibits

Joan Bienvenue, Lockheed Martin, USA
Grant Support Committee Member

Chuck Henry, Colorado State University, USA
Grant Support Committee Member

Don DeVoe, University of Maryland, USA
Grant Support Committee Member

Amy Herr, University of California at Berkeley, USA
Vice Chair Development and Grant Support

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Seattle skyline photo courtesy of David Streams