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The Sixth Annual Art in Science Award!
Sponsored by NIST and Lab on a Chip

Since the earliest publications of the scientific world, the aesthetic value of scientific illustrations and images has been critical to many researchers. The illustrations and diagrams of earlier scientists such as Galileo and Da Vinci have become iconic symbols of science and the scientific thought process. In current scientific literature, many scientists consider the selection of a publication as a "cover article" in a prestigious journal to be very complimentary. Often, one figure or illustration is selected to draw attention to the article and increase the "window appeal" of the journal.

To draw attention to the aesthetic value in scientific illustration while still conveying scientific merit, the µTAS 2013 Conference is featuring an award titled, "Under the Looking Glass: Art from the World of Small Science." Applications are encouraged from authors in attendance of the µTAS Conference and the winner will be selected by a panel of senior scientists in the field of µTAS. Applications must show a photograph, micrograph or other accurate representation of a system that would be of interest to the µTAS community and be represented in the final manuscript or presentation given at the Conference. They must also contain a brief caption that describes the illustration's content and its scientific merit. The winner will be selected on the basis of aesthetic eye appeal, artistic allure and scientific merit. In addition to having the image featured on the cover of Lab on a Chip, the winner will also receive a financial award at the Conference.

Award Details:
  • Financial award for best image
  • Image will be featured on the cover of an upcoming issue of the journal "Lab on a Chip"
  • Must show an illustration, photograph or micrograph of a system or device of interest to the µTAS community.
  • Must appear in the final manuscript in the µTAS 2013 Technical Digest or presentation given at µTAS 2013.
  • Must contain a caption describing the scientific merit of the featured item.
  • Must be submitted and (co)authored by a µTAS 2013 Conference Speaker and a registered µTAS 2013 Attendee.
  • Must be submitted in a high resolution digital format (JPEG or TIFF).

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