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A variety of 3-hour workshops will be offered on Sunday, 9 October 2016 and will be held at the Convention Centre Dublin. Morning sessions will begin at 09:00 and the afternoon sessions will begin at 14:00.

Workshop/Conference Location
Convention Centre Dublin
Spencer Dock, North Wall Quay
Dublin 1

Workshop Fee
(includes 23% VAT)
On or Before


Half Day Workshop: €49.20 €61.50
Two Half Day Workshops: €73.80 €92.25

Attendees must choose the Workshop they would like to attend at the time of registration as there will be no in and out privileges and material (if any) will only be prepared for those who sign up. Early registration is encouraged as seating is limited and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Onsite registration may be limited. Workshop material will be available for downloading prior to the Workshop. Attendees will be responsible for bringing any requisite material, including the downloaded material, with them to the Workshop. The Executive Committee reserves the right to amend the Workshops if necessary.

To add a workshop to an existing registration, please visit this link.

If a particular workshop is FULL, please contact registration@microtas2016.org to be added to the waiting list.

Morning Workshops: (9:00 - 12:00)

Workshop 1 FULL
Title: Paper Microfluidics: Integration Challenges & Solutions For Point-Of-Need Testing
Barry Lutz - University of Washington, USA
Caitlin E. Anderson - University of Washington, USA
Joshua R. Buser - University of Washington, USA
Samantha A. Byrnes - University of Washington, USA
Kamal G. Shah - University of Washington, USA
Shichu Huang - University of Washington, USA
Koji Abe - University of Washington, USA

Workshop 2 FULL
Title: Organ-on-a-Chip
Paul Vulto - Mimetas B.V., THE NETHERLANDS (Group Leader)
Katia Kraals - Emulate, USA
Olivier Frey - ETH Zürich, SWITZERLAND
Tobias Hasenberg - TissUse, GmbH, GERMANY

Workshop 3 FULL
Title: Commercialization of Microfluidic Devices and Systems
Presenter: Holger Becker - microfluidic ChipShop GmbH

Workshop 4 FULL
Title: Microfluidic Large-Scale Integration
Presenter: Sebastian Maerkl - EPFL, SWITZERLAND

Workshop 5 FULL
Title: 3D Printing for Microfluidics
Michael Breadmore - University of Tasmania, AUSTRALIA
Rosanne Guijt - University of Tasmania, AUSTRALIA
Feng Li - University of Tasmania, AUSTRALIA

Afternoon Workshops (14:00 - 17:00)

Workshop 6 FULL
Title: Introduction to Digital Microfluidics (DMF)
Aaron Wheeler - University of Toronto, CANADA
Ryan Fobel - University of Toronto, CANADA
Christian Fobel - University of Toronto, CANADA
Darius Rackus - University of Toronto, CANADA

Workshop 7 FULL
Title: Point-Of-Care Diagnostics
Aman Russom - KTH Royal Institute of Technology, SWEDEN (Group Leader)
Yoon-Kyoung Cho - Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology (UNIST), SOUTH KOREA
Stéphanie Descroix - Institut Curie, FRANCE
Victor M. Ugaz - Texas A&M University, USA
Joan Bienvenue - University of Virginia, USA

Workshop 8 FULL
Title: On-Chip Cell Culture and Analysis
Petra Dittrich - ETH Zürich, SWITZERLAND
Felix Kurth - ETH Zürich, SWITZERLAND

Workshop 9 FULL
Title: Nanofluidics: Principles and Applications
Presenter: Jan Eijkel - University of Twente, THE NETHERLANDS

Workshop 10 FULL
Title: Inertial Microfluidics
Ian Papautsky - University of Illinois, Chicago, USA
Jian Zhou - University of Illinois, Chicago, USA

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