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DENZ BIO-Medical GmbH
Kirlastrasse 9
phone: +43-55-232-1308

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DENZ BIO-Medical GmbH offers a wide range of services and production processes for microfluidic devices, bio-microsystems, optical microsystems and biomedical microsystems. We support our customers with both customized and also standardized chips. The chips can be fabricated out of various materials and for a host of applications, and they can handle cells, bacteria, viruses, blood samples, genetic material, microorganisms and also organ on a chip. We also have spotting and dispensing facilities in house. We close the loop with our wide range of laboratory equipment, and we provide complete and fully integrated solutions as well as solutions for individual components of your application - tailored to your needs. We are delighted to serve you and answer your query as swiftly as possible.

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