MicroTAS 2017

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Sponsor / Exhibitor

Booth #ExhibitorBooth #Exhibitor
1S.E.R. Corporation30RAN Biotechnologies, Inc.
2Available31Advanced Micro Patterning
3MicroTAS 201832Micronit Microtechnologies BV
4FemtoScience Inc.33LabSmith, Inc.
5KLOE34IDEX Health & Science
6MDPI35Microfluidic ChipShop GmbH
7Silex Microsystems36Elveflow Microfluidic Innovation Center
8Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd.37Elveflow Microfluidic Innovation Center
9Micrux Technologies38CorSolutions
10DENZ BIO-Medical GmbH39Royal Society of Chemistry
11Enplas Microtech Inc.40micro resist technology
12Tecnisco, Ltd.41Scienion
13MicroChem Corp.42z-microsystems
14EV Group (EVG)43Pensées Inc.
15Innovative Micro Technology, Inc.44Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.
16FLIR Systems, Inc.45Oxford Instruments
17ALine, Inc.46OAI
18Hochuen Medical Technologies Co. Ltd.47NIST Center for Nanoscale Science & Tech.
20Fluigent49Symbient Project Development
21Cetoni GmbH50CapitalBio Technology
22Heidelberg Instruments, Inc.51SENIC @ Georgia Tech
23Nanoscribe GmbH52Mercene Labs AB
24Cellix LTD.53Toolbox Medical Innovations
25IMT Masken und Teilungen AG54Institute of Microchemical Technology
26Dolomite Microfluidics55Surfix
27Dolomite Microfluidics56Engineered Materials Systems, Inc.
28DJ MicroLaminates57Ulvac Coating Corporation
29Microsystems & Nanoengineering/Nature58Sci-Bots Inc.
TTFluoSurfTTUniversity of Florida
TTPartow Technologies LLC

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