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NIST/Lab on a Chip Art in Science Award Winner

MicroTAS 2012 Conference, Okinawa JAPAN
Yi Zhang, Johns Hopkins University, USA

MicroTAS 2011 Conference, Seattle, Washington, USA
Dong Jin Shin, Johns Hopkins University, USA

MicroTAS 2010 Conference, Groningen, THE NETHERLANDS
Nicholas Gunn, University of California, Irvine, USA

MicroTAS 2009 Conference, Jeju, KOREA
Jungkwun Kim, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, USA

MicroTAS 2008 Conference, San Diego, California, USA
Yu-Wen Huang, Texas A&M University, USA

Art in Science 2012 Award Winner: Stretching the Rainbow by Yi Zhang. A tiny water droplet held in place by surface energy traps and stretched using a magnetic field to pull on magnetic particles within it.

Art in Science 2011 Award Winner: Yin and Yang in a Droplet by Dong Jin Shin. A snapshot of the mixing of two types of quantum dot solutions inside a sessile droplet driven by a microfluidic magnetic gyromixer.

Art in Science 2010 Award Winner: Cell Block 9 by Nicolas Gunn. A colorized SEM micrograph showing fibroblast cells cultured on microscale pedestals.

Art in Science 2009 Award Winner: Micro world: united we stand by Jungkwun Kim and Yong Kyu Yoon. SU-8 shapes defined by multi- directional ultraviolet lithography, where glass with a pre-patterned chromium layer is used as a photomask as well as a substrate.

Art in Science 2008 Award Winner: City Lights by Yu-Wen Huang. The image is a micro- graph of a solution of unlabelled double-stranded DNA, electrophoretically concentrated near a 50 mm-wide electrode.

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