Program » Industrial Stage

An exciting opportunity is available for exhibiting and sponsoring companies eager to contribute more to the Conference on the Industrial Stage!

These 20 minute presentations should focus on issues of broader interest to this large audience, such as:
  • Scientific and technological challenges which have/ had to be solved
  • Design and application-related solutions in product development
  • Experiences learned in transitioning scientific results to a commercial product
  • Manufacturing solutions for microfluidic-enabled products
  • Market experiences
  • Performance of microfluidics-enabled products in comparison to conventional solutions
Each presentation will be listed on the website and in the Conference program.

Exhibiting companies interested in participating should complete the contract on page 4 of the Exhibitor/Sponsorship Prospectus.

Monday, 24 October

Industrial Stage 1
Affiliation: Heidelberg Instruments
Presenter: Zheng Ming Wu and Benedikt Stender
Time: 13:05 - 13:25
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Part 1 - Nanofrazor
Nanofrazor can realize the direct writing of nanostructures on various polymer surfaces by using the thermal scanning probe technology. The equipment uses a nano probe that can accurately control the displacement and can be heated to 1300 °C to contact the specific area of the polymer film to decompose the polymer in the area, Thereby obtaining a desired structure. The equipment can realize the processing accuracy of up to 10nm in the XY direction and up to 1nm in the Z direction, and can realize the real-time monitoring of the written structure. At the same time, the equipment can also realize the one-step direct writing of 3D, nested and spliced structures that are difficult to be realized by other micro processing technologies.

Part 2 - MPO
The new two-photon polymerization platform MPO 100 is a multi-user tool for microfabrication combining both the requirements of 3D lithography with highest resolutions among additive manufacturing processes in the 100 nm range and 3D microprinting with structure heights of over one centimeter, all in one device.Users at the universities and research and development institutes, as well as operators in the industry are offered significant advantages for the development of novel products in application fields such as micro-optics, microfluidics, and biomedical technology.

Wednesday, 26 October

Industrial Stage 3
Affiliation: Acxel Micro & Nano Tech (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.
Presenter: Hanbin Ma
Time: 12:25 - 12:45
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This is the century of life sciences. ACXEL offers a tremendous platform and exceptional services for drug discovery and fundamental biological research. We adopt mature flat-panel manufacturing processes, advanced consumer electronics design concepts as well as semiconductor (thin-film-based) technology in the biochemical laboratory.

ACXEL's Active Pixel Lab-on-Chip (AP-LOC) technology, Active Matrix Electrowetting-On-Dielectric Digital Microfluidics (AM-EWOD DMF)platform enables a higher throughput, massively parallel, and more precise manipulation of micro-discrete droplets. ACXEL provides customized solutions and offers mass-production technical support for digital microfludic applications.