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vivoVerse Inc.
3303 Northland Drive, Suite 308
Austin, TX 78731 USA
phone: 1-737-279-6020

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vivoVerse - a life sciences company with advanced technologies providing products, consumables, software, and services for high-throughput toxicology and drug screening using alternative models.

- vivoCube+® - a fluid controller for generating steady, smooth flows that are pressure-driven and either pressure- or flowrate-controlled over a wide measurement range
- vivoChip® - Disposable microfluidic device
- vivoScreen™ - Fully automated HCI platform based on vivoChip technology
- vivoAI™ - AI/ML-assisted data analysis
- vivoDNT™ /vivoDART™ - Multiparametric toxicology tests at a fraction the cost of traditional in vivo testing