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Enlitho Private Limited
Singapore University of Technology and Design
8 Somapah Road
Singapore, 487372 SINGAPORE
phone: +65-942-389-60


Enlitho is a nanofabrication foundry in Singapore that provides one-stop-shop solutions such as Design-For-Manufacturing, Simulation, Mould Fabrication, Low Volume Production and Scale Up Services for High Volume Production. Using proprietary technology and processes, Enlitho can produce micro/nano-structures embedded channels for microfluidic devices that are designed to perform multi-step functions in one chip, such as cell sorting, trapping, isolation, docking, lysis etc with surface properties such as hydrophobic/hydrophilic or topography for cell migration and growth. We can produce high resolution, injection moulding ready, polymer based microfluidic prototypes from day 1, ensuring commercial scalability of your inventions.

Enlitho_Tech Brochure_Injection-molding 2021