Courses » Workshop 8

Tom Lummen, ETH Zürich, Basel, SWITZERLAND
Oliver Biehlmaier, University Basel, SWITZERLAND
Gregor Schmidt, ETH Zürich, Basel, SWITZERLAND

Workshop Description:
Lectures with hands-on session and discussion rounds.

Overview of Material to Be Covered and What Attendees Can Expect to Take Away From the Workshop:

Getting and keeping your cells in focus - basic microscopy
  • Physics of microscopy
  • Optimizing imaging for microfluidics
  • Live cell imaging setups
Fluorescent labelling and imaging of live cells
  • Fluorescence basics and imaging technologies
  • Selecting dyes and fluorescent proteins for your assay
Tackling phototoxicity in live cell imaging
  • What can go wrong?
  • How to detect of phototoxicity
  • Optimize the experiment to minimize phototoxicity
Who Should Attend:
The workshop is targeted at students (Master or PhD) planning or performing fluorescence microscopy of live cells. Prior knowledge is not required.

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