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Aquatech Co., Ltd.
2-1-13, Ono
Osaka, 574-0042 JAPAN
phone: +81-72-806-3210

For MicroTAS2019, we will show and demonstrate unique Micro Peristaltic Pumps.
Due to adoption of very simple mechanism compared with conventional peristaltic pump, it can be designed and made very small in size. Using this advantage, we recently developed super micro peristaltic pumps which are expected to meet the need in medical and bio-industry.

BMT Fluid Control Solutions GmbH
Maßbornstraße 54f
Frankfurt, D-60437 GERMANY
phone: +49-61-01-954-0030

BMT Fluid Control Solutions provides miniature valves, micro pumps, controller for fluid components and cell-culture systems. For MicroTAS 2019 we will show a new family of controller to built-up, program and monitor individual fluidic systems. We offer various product customizations for each requirement and assist you with instrumentation and integration.

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