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1068 rue de la Vieille Poste
Montpellier, 34000 FRANCE
phone: +33-46-782-1910

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Kloe manufactures lithography equipments not requiring cleanroom environment and leading the Microfluidics market by providing our customers with state-of-the-art tools for microfabrication activities:
  • UV KUB range are UV-LED based soft lithography systems with or without alignment function for the fabrication of your molds from chrome/flexible photomasks.
  • DILASE range are direct-laser-write systems recommanded for maskless lithography:
  • Fast Prototyping
  • High Resolution (<0.5Á) and High Aspect Ratio microstructures (up to 50:1),
  • Very Thick photoresist layers processing (>300Ám).
Today we are happy to present Dilase 3D the first High Resolution 3D Printer invented for Microfluidics with a resolution down to 2Ám compatible with big size object fabrication.

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